H&O Centerless Grinding Co. 45 Bathurst Drive
Waterloo, Ontario N2V 1N2
Phone: (519) 884-0322
Fax: (519) 884-4887
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H&O is a machine shop with a focus on engineered components to exacting tolerances.

  • H&O has a fully operational CNC department along with our Centerless Grinding. We also do Deep Hole Driling and can do Honing up to 8' in length. This allows us to do all our work in house and not have to outsource.

  • H&O manufactures small components ranging from (0.01" diameter to 0.23" long) to as large as (11" diameter to 50" long) to exacting tolerances (as close as 0.00005). We also grind bars over 30' long.

  • Our range of products includes: shafts, bushings, rings, dowels, valve stems, spacers, pistons and locating pins.

  • Industries served include: heavy vehicle and equipment, plastic injection machine components and tooling, automotive, defense, aerospace, electric motors, nuclear energy, fluid control and power.

  • Continued investment in equipment, employed buth on a dedicated and flexible basis, has developed H&O into an effective producer of low and high volume parts.

  • We employ sophisticated shop management systems and practices to aggressively improve performance.

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